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Head Coaches: Kris
Kemper and Kolton Mayall

Laramie Colts Baseball

Copyright 2016 Laramie Colts Baseball
Planned events for the Colts include a trip to a ranch to see how a Wyoming Ranch works; trips to the snowy Mountains and a trip to the Vedawoo Rock formations...of course between our games....
Number Name                                  Position School                                  
   Tre Snow OF  St. Francis 
   Chandler Rivera St. Francis 
   Alex Bline C Iowa Lakes 
   Tyler McDonald P Monmouth
   Connor McDonald P Monmouth
   Dakota Burke OF  St. Francis 
   Ryan Kain Augsburg
   Thomas Gleason UT  Luther College
   Noah Gullino ECU 
   Darryeyl Sanchez OF  Monmouth 
   Carter Kimberly OF Cal Fullerton 
   Stryker  Davies Knox 
   Adrian Santiago Oakton CC
   LJ Higgins 1B  Point University
   Andrew Cisneros P Mendicino 
   Chase Huff IF  Salt Lake City CC 
   Ray Williams OF  SDSU 
   Patrick Kenny Whittenberg 
   Harrison Yates OF   
   Kolton Mayall Bethany