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Head Coach: Ryan Hargrove
Asst Coaches: OliverTeijido and Josh Cathay

Laramie Colts Baseball

Copyright 2016 Laramie Colts Baseball
Planned events for the Colts include a trip to a ranch to see how a Wyoming Ranch works; trips to the snowy Mountains and a trip to the Vedawoo Rock formations...of course between our games....
No. Name                               Pos  School                  State 
   James Chitwood  C Olney College  TN
   Ronald Applewhite  SS Olney College  IL 
   Ryan Nesbit  1B Nichols College   Con
   Timmy Paris  C So. Dakota State  SD 
   Conner Sharp  P Monmouth College  IL 
   Harrison Yates  OF  W. Nebraska CC  WY 
   Stryker Davies  P  Knox College   WY 
   Noah Galino  OF  Elmira College   Con 
   Garrett DeArmanjo  OF Spring Hill College   AL 
   Evan Kayser  SS  Truman College   OH 
   Christian Zamudio  U Madison College  CA 
   Jake Vogt  INF  Luther College   WY 
   Alex Hunt  INF     
   Thomas Gleason  INF Luther College   
   Nick Sumstine  P     WA
   JJ Castelvecchi  P    
   Blake Alexander  P  N Dakota University   FL 
   Tyler Moreland  P/OF Arkansas State   AK 
   Josh Cathay  P  Northern Arkansas  AK 
   Will Insull  P  Trinity University   TX 
   Sam Kornstead  P  Cornell College   IO